Friday, February 10, 2012

Strategically Sound Toon Placement

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Hey everyone, today we'll be talking character placement.

Where to park your toons doesn't seem like it is all that important in WoW. I know before I got into serious gold making I would park any max level character where they stood when I decided to log out. Now that I have entered the Gold game I know that this is by far not the most efficient way to do things. I will go over three topics in my post 1) Best place to park max level crafting, gathering toons. 2) Best place to park a designated bank toon and 3) Best class for a bank toon in my opinion.

Any serious gold maker has to have at the very least one crafting/gathering toon. I currently have 2 crafters (in the process of realm transferring my others) with max level alchemy, enchanting, tailoring, and inscription. Where to park a crafting toon may not seem entirely too important as all you do with them is craft items with materials we've bought, been sent by out bank alt, or farmed (yuck farming!). I have chosen to place my crafters in Dalaran, this may seem a little cliche but then again in Cata not so much. The reasons for this are many.

  • First off my server has an extremely high population and they all like to stream themselves PvPing, which can cause major major MAJOR (like Swifty's minions took the server down) lag in the major cities they like to inhabit between pwning noobs. Dalaran is next to deserted except for a few leveling toons that come and go so I have it all to myself.
  • Secondly Dalaran provides us with Magus Commerce Exchange (home to my friend *Frozo the Renowned* See Frozen Fortune post) which is a one stop shop for all profession trainers as well as a few nice recipes that can bring in some gold.
  • Third and this maybe the most important to me, Dalaran is the center point to the rest of the world for non-mage toons. I know many people feel as though it is not since Blizzard removed the portals to all major cities but there is still Stormwind and for the Horde Orgrimmar. From the Stormwind portal I can head right downstairs and take the quick port to Outlands if I'd like, or I can fly anywhere in Eastern Kingdoms with ease due to it being near center point on the Eastern Kingdoms map. Stormwind also has portals to all Cata zones that I can use for quick travel. Back to Dalaran you also have to waygate in Sholazar Basin which takes me to Un'Goro Crater in Kalimdor (not much different then taking the Uldum Port I know). Oh and a quick note for anyone who doesn't know *Dalaran got an Auctioneer* with Cata. So as you can see the reasons Dalaran is so great as a home for max level crafters are many that is why it is my ideal choice.
Where to park a bank toon hmm? As I see it, with the majority of WoW players inhabiting Stormwind and Orgrimmar those two are ideal for a bank toon whose primary job is to supply crafting toons with mats from storage and unload goods onto our customers. We have all the necessities to proper bank toonage in these two major cities- Access to the greater Azeroth population, mailboxes galor, auction houses, and most importantly banks. While Ironforge or Undercity aren't bad options for a bank toon they lack one resource which is the majority of the players who we intend to serve.

Now before we bid farewell and go our separate ways lets discuss bank toon class. If we intend to keep a bank toon at lvl 1 then any class will do but if you are entirely serious about getting out and about as a banker a lvl 40 (at least) mage is ideal. At lvl 40 mages can port to 3 of the 4 major cities and from Darnasus can port to the 4th Exodar or from Undercity to Silvermoon. This gives the bank toon the ability to be anywhere for a large trade at the drop of a hat which can make a difference to potential buyers.

I hope that my opinion on toon placement has helped you or given you some ideas of your own that may benefit you on your Gold adventure! Thanks for reading Comment, +1, follow, twitter, help me grow as a blogger! Thanks again - Maximoney

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