Welcome to the first post of the Maximoney Gold on Blogger. I have transfered over from Wordpress so thank you for following along if you were read over there!

So on to the good stuff, I have always been a big WoW player. In the past I have tried numerous times to make gold and have only been semi-successful(and even that might be a little generous). About two months ago I decided to transfer off my home server Whisperwind-US to a pvp server to truly test my skills and have a little world pvp fun. I left with 1k gold in my pockets and a chaos orb which from WW’s economy I expected would bring a pretty penny……you can laugh its ok I do(I ended up selling it for 28g). So on my new server I quickly realized as I began gemming and enchanting my new s11 gear that I had in no way enough gold. With no gold I turned to questing where I stumbled upon a lvl 83 druid getting ganked (YES my first world pvp in this server) by a lvl 85 Hunter. I helped the druid out then about an hour later I get a msg from another toon asking me to meet him in Stormwind, I did. It was the druid’s main who was gold capped and need to let go of some to make room for more. I asked many question’s and quickly realized gold make is easy. VERY EASY. That’s not to say it’s not going to take some time and be a little discouraging in the beginning but it will get easier. I am now netting 20k a week and this is my second month into this adventure.
Soooooo Maxi where’s this weeks tip you’re saying?
Find your niche and grow in it. I started on my new server with no professions, I leveled Enchanting and Tailoring from scratch and spent every copper I had. I would recommend these two for starters as they are a good base from what I found. I have since added Jewel Crafting and Inscription to my profession arsenal and they have proven worth while. All prof’s have their upsides you just have to decide what suits you best off the bat. Once you have the base of your professions don’t overlook any item you can make as worthless and make gold at every turn its there I promise you just have to find it.
Thanks for reading my first post! Comment and tell me how I did and come back often to get tips and advice as I will quickly move past the beginner knowledge and into my big money-making secrets!