Friday, February 10, 2012

Strategically Sound Toon Placement

Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival

Hey everyone, today we'll be talking character placement.

Where to park your toons doesn't seem like it is all that important in WoW. I know before I got into serious gold making I would park any max level character where they stood when I decided to log out. Now that I have entered the Gold game I know that this is by far not the most efficient way to do things. I will go over three topics in my post 1) Best place to park max level crafting, gathering toons. 2) Best place to park a designated bank toon and 3) Best class for a bank toon in my opinion.

Any serious gold maker has to have at the very least one crafting/gathering toon. I currently have 2 crafters (in the process of realm transferring my others) with max level alchemy, enchanting, tailoring, and inscription. Where to park a crafting toon may not seem entirely too important as all you do with them is craft items with materials we've bought, been sent by out bank alt, or farmed (yuck farming!). I have chosen to place my crafters in Dalaran, this may seem a little cliche but then again in Cata not so much. The reasons for this are many.

  • First off my server has an extremely high population and they all like to stream themselves PvPing, which can cause major major MAJOR (like Swifty's minions took the server down) lag in the major cities they like to inhabit between pwning noobs. Dalaran is next to deserted except for a few leveling toons that come and go so I have it all to myself.
  • Secondly Dalaran provides us with Magus Commerce Exchange (home to my friend *Frozo the Renowned* See Frozen Fortune post) which is a one stop shop for all profession trainers as well as a few nice recipes that can bring in some gold.
  • Third and this maybe the most important to me, Dalaran is the center point to the rest of the world for non-mage toons. I know many people feel as though it is not since Blizzard removed the portals to all major cities but there is still Stormwind and for the Horde Orgrimmar. From the Stormwind portal I can head right downstairs and take the quick port to Outlands if I'd like, or I can fly anywhere in Eastern Kingdoms with ease due to it being near center point on the Eastern Kingdoms map. Stormwind also has portals to all Cata zones that I can use for quick travel. Back to Dalaran you also have to waygate in Sholazar Basin which takes me to Un'Goro Crater in Kalimdor (not much different then taking the Uldum Port I know). Oh and a quick note for anyone who doesn't know *Dalaran got an Auctioneer* with Cata. So as you can see the reasons Dalaran is so great as a home for max level crafters are many that is why it is my ideal choice.
Where to park a bank toon hmm? As I see it, with the majority of WoW players inhabiting Stormwind and Orgrimmar those two are ideal for a bank toon whose primary job is to supply crafting toons with mats from storage and unload goods onto our customers. We have all the necessities to proper bank toonage in these two major cities- Access to the greater Azeroth population, mailboxes galor, auction houses, and most importantly banks. While Ironforge or Undercity aren't bad options for a bank toon they lack one resource which is the majority of the players who we intend to serve.

Now before we bid farewell and go our separate ways lets discuss bank toon class. If we intend to keep a bank toon at lvl 1 then any class will do but if you are entirely serious about getting out and about as a banker a lvl 40 (at least) mage is ideal. At lvl 40 mages can port to 3 of the 4 major cities and from Darnasus can port to the 4th Exodar or from Undercity to Silvermoon. This gives the bank toon the ability to be anywhere for a large trade at the drop of a hat which can make a difference to potential buyers.

I hope that my opinion on toon placement has helped you or given you some ideas of your own that may benefit you on your Gold adventure! Thanks for reading Comment, +1, follow, twitter, help me grow as a blogger! Thanks again - Maximoney

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Frozen Fortune

Hey everyone, Maximoney here. After a few suggestions from readers and friends I am going to diversify the blog a little bit and try to do one post a week about pure money making strategies you can take to the bank as well as a post documenting my trekk to the gold cap thus far with what I have learned and beginner tips.
So today I'll be telling you about a flip of sorts that has brought me a substantial amount of gold in a short period of time and I predict will continue to bring me gold especially in MoP.
Frozen Orbs are a crafting material from the Wrath of the Lich King expac. They drop out of any Heroic WotLk dungeon, off the final boss and are BoE. I can generally find these on my server's AH for 15-25 gold (when they're reasonable and when I buy) although they can peak around 50g due to the very limited supply. So why would you ever want to invest in these? To craft Wotlk items for resale? Nope that would be a horrible idea, that's why they're so cheap. The average WoW player who gets one doesn't know that there is another use for these. Currency, that's what we're going to do with them. In Dalaran there is a frozen orb vendor Frozo the Renowned (Located in the Magus Commerce Exchange area) who you can trade orbs to for various crafting materials. With the orb we can buy a number of things including Crusader orbs, Runed orbs, all varieties of Eternals, and a few Herbs. We're going to focus on Eternals.
Go check the Eternal market on your server the see what the most expensive Eternals are. On my server the most expensive and most popular among customers are Eternal Fire and Eternal Earth. People need these to craft items that will allow them to level professions and for Wotlk item enhancements that are still best in slot in Cata (way to go blizzard). I know I have used Eternal Earths on many occasions for enchanting scrolls that still sell on par with Cata level ones. So buy Frozen Orbs in any amount you can, buy the preferred Eternal for your server and sell sell sell. I see on average a 200-400% profit from the investment as the Eternals sell for 50-80g on my home server.
So a quick recap
- Check frozen orb prices against Eternals
- Don't craft anything with the orbs use them as currency its the most efficient use of the item
- This is a very un-exploited market so don't go around Yelling in stormwind that your doing it or it will quickly become a competitor heavy market when people realize it is well worth it.
- To keep the price down if you see that there is a decent amount on the AH and you have a hunch that more people will be posting these then leave a few of the lower priced ones on the AH so you can continue to buy low.
Now go out and make some munay! And remember to have fun after all that is what WoW is all about.
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Frozo the Renowned

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Swiftly Swift Love Birds

Hey guys, sorry to stray away from the order of things with this post. (I know I said I would get into addons.) So “Love is in the Air” is here, but this year its better then the past……there’s a MOUNT!!!! Swift Love Bird has been added this year. It is a pink tallstrider that bites at its ass. Who wouldn’t love one? I know I did and thats why I dropped 25k gold on the first day to have it before anyone else. I now have 3 more just sitting in my bags waiting to be sold. So your probably thinking, why aren’t you selling them? Do you remember what happened to sinister squashlings when everyone ran out after october and they were hard to find again? I know they went from 75g per to around 400g per. I will be waiting until everyone sells off their stock of them and the price sky rockets to sell mine. Now how to get a decent number of them. The easiest way I have found to get the charms you need to make bracelets is to go into throne of tides normal and clear up to Ozumat. In the hallway where the elementals are that continue to spawn just sit and farm them until you have filled your bags with charms….whala a mount. Quick tip though dont kill the two large elementals at the end of the hallway or no more will spawn. For those of you who cant solo this far there are 3 more options for decent farming. Go to the Icecrown zone and find Sapph at 60, 68 Rokir at 55, 80 and Rokir at 57, 70. These are world elites and depending on your server will be heavily farmed. Quick notes about the braclets as Cold said in my comments. 1- they cannot be mailed normally to another player or alt 2- they can be gift wrapped and sent to alts 3- they can be put in the guild bank and traded to alts that way. Good luck and good gold to you! Armed with this knowledge go make some munay!!!! – Maxi

Understanding the Crafting game

Hey everyone welcome back! In my last post I went over how gaining a max level (or many) profession is the firs step in making maximum gold. So for those of you who don’t yet have one, just got one, or have had a max level prof and just havent been making gold let’s get started on how to turn that frown upside down. The best thing you can do to identify what items to make for profit is to see what materials are readily available at a price that is less than the selling and AH cut (5%) then the product you plan to sell. For example lets say you want to make Ebonsteel Belt Buckle, which we will say sells for 222g. This product requires us to have 4 Volatile Earth that will cost us 3g 75s total, 4 Elementium Bars which cost us 16g total, and 4 Pyrium bars which cost us 44g total, that leaves us with a crafting price of 63.75 gold. At a sell price of 222g you can see that this item is well worth crafting in large amounts and will make you a decent profit. That is what you are looking for items that can be made substantially cheaper than they sell for. Normally these items are essential to max level characters, meaning its not your everyday green crafted item. The items you want to produce will give a raider or pvp’r who has greater gear a boost. (Leg armors, Best in slot enchants, potions, flasks, etc)
To make this process simpler we can use add-ons such as Auctioneer which will give us, after some time gathering accurate pricing data, a good idea of what an item is worth and what the material cost is. Also Trade Skill Master is a great add-on for this as well. It will look through your patterns and tell you based on the data you have collected from the AH how much an item will sell for and how much it costs to make. T.S.M will then make a Que for you which will tell you what materials you need to buy, how much they will cost, and how much profit can be made from selling all the products you have put into your que.
So with these few little tips go dip your toes into the crafting market and don’t be afraid to buy! On my Next post I will delve deeper into finding the items you want to buy, want to sell, and how to find them with the add-ons I listed above. Thanks for reading! Comment and tell me how I am doing! -Maxi

PvP doesn't have to be Poor vs Poorer

Welcome to the first post of the Maximoney Gold on Blogger. I have transfered over from Wordpress so thank you for following along if you were read over there!

So on to the good stuff, I have always been a big WoW player. In the past I have tried numerous times to make gold and have only been semi-successful(and even that might be a little generous). About two months ago I decided to transfer off my home server Whisperwind-US to a pvp server to truly test my skills and have a little world pvp fun. I left with 1k gold in my pockets and a chaos orb which from WW’s economy I expected would bring a pretty penny……you can laugh its ok I do(I ended up selling it for 28g). So on my new server I quickly realized as I began gemming and enchanting my new s11 gear that I had in no way enough gold. With no gold I turned to questing where I stumbled upon a lvl 83 druid getting ganked (YES my first world pvp in this server) by a lvl 85 Hunter. I helped the druid out then about an hour later I get a msg from another toon asking me to meet him in Stormwind, I did. It was the druid’s main who was gold capped and need to let go of some to make room for more. I asked many question’s and quickly realized gold make is easy. VERY EASY. That’s not to say it’s not going to take some time and be a little discouraging in the beginning but it will get easier. I am now netting 20k a week and this is my second month into this adventure.
Soooooo Maxi where’s this weeks tip you’re saying?
Find your niche and grow in it. I started on my new server with no professions, I leveled Enchanting and Tailoring from scratch and spent every copper I had. I would recommend these two for starters as they are a good base from what I found. I have since added Jewel Crafting and Inscription to my profession arsenal and they have proven worth while. All prof’s have their upsides you just have to decide what suits you best off the bat. Once you have the base of your professions don’t overlook any item you can make as worthless and make gold at every turn its there I promise you just have to find it.
Thanks for reading my first post! Comment and tell me how I did and come back often to get tips and advice as I will quickly move past the beginner knowledge and into my big money-making secrets!